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Our online and mobile application helps retail pharmacies in urban and rural areas re-stock their drug stores with medicines from their trusted local wholesalers and manufacturers.

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Retail Pharmacies

Community pharmacies in Africa are the de facto first point of contact for most patients. Our mission is to ensure every African has access to primary healthcare by helping community pharmacies run efficient, sustainable, and profitable ventures.


We leverage technology to build efficient procurement and inventory management systems for pharmacies, health centres and clinics. Our mobile app, Duniya Health, connects retail pharmacies to pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers. We help 100+ retail pharmacies source their medicines and medical supplies from trusted wholesalers and manufacturers.


Community pharmacies experience estimated 35% frequency of stock outs; 72% of this is due to faulty inventory and procurement system. Using our platform, community pharmacies, health centres and clinics can reduce the frequency of stock outs to less than 5%. This ensures that life-saving medicines are consistently available for patients and ultimately increases revenue for the community pharmacies.


Orders on Duniya Health are processed and delivered in less than 12hrs of confirmation of order. Pharmacies and hospitals can also track their orders on Duniya Health. This allows pharmacies, health centres and clinics to quickly replenish stock of life-saving drugs.


72% of the stock outs are due to faulty inventory management systems and practice. About 85% of community pharmacies use pen and paper to manage inventory. We are building an inventory management system for pharmacies and health centres that will help efficiently manage their inventory.


With a network of 100+ pharmacies and health centres, mostly in hard-to-reach locations, we help wholesalers and manufacturers ensure that the community pharmacies never run out of their products. And if they do run out, we ensure that they are quickly replenished. We leverage technology to strengthen community pharmacies’ connection to wholesalers by providing access to drugs quickly and continuously. This ultimately increases revenues for the wholesalers and manufacturers, and in the long run improves their bottomline.