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We help retail pharmacies in Africa source their medicines from trusted wholesalers. Order your stock and get free delivery.

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Duniya helps community pharmacies run efficient, sustainable, and profitable ventures.

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Orders on Duniya Health are processed and delivered in less than 24hrs of confirmation of order.

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Quickly re-stock your pharmacy with life-saving medicines for patients and say bye to stock-outs.

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Duniya health works to ensure every African has access to primary healthcare by helping community pharmacies.

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Purchase from all your trusted wholesalers and manufacturers in one place

Our vision at Duniya is a world where every African has access to affordable healthcare.

Pharmacy Store

Our online and mobile application helps retail pharmacies in urban and rural areas re-stock their pharmacy with medicines from their trusted local wholesalers and manufacturers

Transportation of Medicine

We take pride in our top-of-the-range fleet of delivery vehicles that ensure medicines are transported in a way that maintains and safeguards their efficacy all the way to the destination.

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We believe retail pharmacies in Africa are the de-facto primary healthcare facility, hence our focus and commitment to ensure they operate efficiently.

One Stop Shop

Purchase from all your trusted wholesalers and manufacturers in one place.

Free Delivery

Purchase on our platform and get the stock delivered to your pharmacy for free.

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Monitor the progress of your delivery through our tracking platform.

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